Protein – in shakes or in recipes?

Relationship of sleep and Amino Acids:

Tryptophan is an amino acid, that induces sleep by increasing serotonin and melatonin, which helps the brain to calm down and induce sleep. This amino acid is found in almost all dairy products that’s why it is still a regular practice in most Indian houses to have a glass of milk before bedtime. And that’s the sure shot formula if your child is having sleep induction problems.

When and how to Consume

We can have Eggs, Chicken, fish, all the milk products (paneer, cheese, yogurt, milk) soy milk  ,tofu, sprouts, lentils nuts throughout  the day alone or with any complex carbs.

But proteins like sausages, cold cuts & processed meats, beef, lamb and pork cannot be consumed repeatedly, their consumption should be avoided.

Personal Requirements

On an average our body requires approximate 1 gm per our body weight.  And the ones who do serious weight training or any kind of cardio exercise needs more protein.  Same applies to lactating mother and pregnant woman.  In the case of Athletes or anyone who does workout, if do not take protein in adequate amount, will not be able to get proper result.  As when body goes under tear and wear while doing exercise, to recover from it, needs extra protein, that’s way muscles are built and they burn more FAT.

Points to ponder:


  • Creates and repairs all cells – proteins like Keratin, collagen & elastin do this job.
  • Transport important nutrients in between cells – for example hemoglobin that supply oxygen.
  • Communicate between the cells and system, senses requirement of the cells and provide the information to the brain and other systems. All hormonal protein like insulin or leptin does such job.
  • Responsible for all metabolic activities, e.g. Breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients. All the enzymes do this job and act as catalyst to speed up the process of metabolism.
  • Making antibodies that help to fight against infections. Immunoglobulin is such an antibody that identifies and neutralizes foreign objects, such as bacteria and viruses.

so people… now dont forget to take your protein, have a happy eating!

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