Fast Food made HEALTHY??!!

Many times we see the board “healthy food” at some restaurants and fast food joints, and by mistake we follow them. Sometimes the food is relatively low in calorie, but not healthy always, so the question comes up what is “the healthy food”?? And any junk food can be made healthy??

The healthy food can be defined as, “Food which fulfills our daily quota of nutrition and is in its most natural form.” According to National Institute of Nutrition Hyderabad.

Let’s take an example of an apple – wash it and eat without cutting and peeling, byte by byte, it will provide us with its nutrients 100% & this is the best quality, healthiest form of the food, say grade – A. now if the same apple is peeled or grated, anyhow cut with knife, lost its some nutrients by oxidation while exposed to air and lowered its quality to Grade – B. juicing the apple will kill its fibers and it comes to grade C,  make milk shake and its grade D as some of its structure will react with milk and its constitution will be different, making apple pie or  cake will take it to grade E and cookie at bakery  laden with sugar and unhealthy fats will bring it to grade F.  By eating apple cookie will not provide any of nutrient the apple in itself can give. The same happens with each and every food.  So it’s our duty to look for the places in our diet where we can improve the grade of food we eat.

With this background lets come to the point, “Fast food made healthy” is it possible?? No way, if you replace the sprouts instead of potatoes in Pani Puri, will not make it healthy because the puri is fried, and when you deep fry the food, the food loses its most of the nutrients with the high temperature of oil. Also the free radicals come free with the fried food to harm our body. So replacement of the potatoes with sprouts cannot make Pani Puri any healthy, it might be relatively low in calorie, not healthy.

Similar for any fast food at restaurants,  to reduce the serving time, they cut and store the veggies in advance, which oxides its air reactive vitamins. So the food is always lower in grade  compared to anything we make it at home, fresh and pure.  I have no intentions to say that we should never eat out or avoid restaurants, atleast we have better option for the said “healthy food” with respect to oil and butter laden regular fatty food, but the only point I would like to clarify that we need to keep this in mind that whatever written at the boards of restaurants- the food is not healthy compared to anything we cook at home.  So the final conclusion here:  fast food can be made relatively low in calorie, but that low calorie do not promise to be healthy.

Eat healthy!! Stay healthy!!

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