Grows best in the dry and sand soil, drumstick tree is native to southern foothills of Himalayas and grows best at south India, middle east, costal area of Africa, India, Mexico,  Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines.

Drumsticks have immature green pods, mature seeds, flowers and leaves that can be eaten for health benefits. The immature pods are boiled and made into soups or prepared veg.  The pods are having excellent nutritio9nal profile as its significant source of beta carotene, vitamin c, protein, iron, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus.

Other than its pods, the seeds are used to cure various ailments like asthama, T.B., diarrea, colitis, Urinary tract infection, cramps, sore gums, and many other infections too. Traditionally drumstic seeds are crushed and added to water , inhaling the steam of such water helps to heal respiratory system . it improves immunity and strengthens the digestive disorders too.

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In One interesting research its been observed that , if drumstick  seeds are kept  in the water, it binds itself to dirt particles and bacteria and sinks  to the bottom. It is as effective that approximately 2 tsp can clear 99% of bacteria in a whole bucket of water.

Curative properties of Drumsticks:

  • Its main use as a medicine to combat malnutrition, especially in nursing mums and infants. In India its tradition to consume the preparation from drumstick to get faster post partum recovery.  Since it has properties of increasing milk flow in nursing mothers, it is very helpful for first time mums,  or mal nutrition mum.
  • Not only its pods but its leaves are also very nutritious, the leaves are dried to make powder and added to milk or water to make shake, also add it to the flours, soups, and dals to make them more nutritious. This tonic can be used as an immunity booster that can prevent you from throat, chest and skin infections.
  • Mix the juice from the leaves to lime and pepper; it will be used as a tonic for respiratory disorders.
  • Make a soup from drumstick pods and consume it regularly to prevent digestive disorders.
  • Drumstick is having cooling properties, thus is useful in curing UTI – Urinary tract infection, to ease pain and control the infection.

Along with such curative properties of drumstick, it is among rare of the veggies that are having very very low calories and nil Fat. So if Fat loss is your goal, consume this veg regularly and stay healthy.

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