Permanent Fat Burning: Food to burn Fat??

Have you heard the popular saying or rather experienced it?  “From the lips straight to the hips?” Now the BIG question is, “How to get it OFF?”  Answer? Simple! From your lips! Yes that’s true, I am not talking about some herbs or magic pills which will for sure burn a hole in your wallet rather than burning the accumulated fat. What I am talking about is the body‘s own mechanism to burn fat.

First let’s understand the fact that our body requires energy to breakdown the food. Simply put you utilise energy to chew food also our internal organs use energy to digest it. That means a part of the calories provided by the food is spent in digesting that particular food itself. This process is known as Diet Induced Thermogenesis or simply the Thermic Effect of the food. The thermic effect peaks about an hour after each meal and begins to drop down about 2 hours after the meal is completely digested. That’s the reason why health experts always advise us to have small frequent meals with not more than 3 hours gap in between.

Some foods have very high thermic effect and very low calorie density, for example lettuce, it’s impossible for such a food to be stored as fat because most of the calories are burned in just digesting it. So if fat loss is the goal then the food consumed should always be high in thermic effect and low in calorie density.

How to choose:

Thermic effect of food varies from 3% to 30%, fat itself has a very low thermic effect of 3% meaning only 3% which means only 3% of the total calories of that particular food is utilised in the digestion process. On the other hand, protein has a very high thermic value of about 30%. We can optimize the thermic effect of the food by combining complex carbohydrates which have approximately 20% thermic value with lean protein (30%). This in turn will accelerate the fat burning by maximizing the thermic effect.

Fats and processed carbohydrates have very low thermic effect (3%) so chances are such food types will be stored as fat  in the body as very less energy is consumed in Diet Induced Thermogenesis .

Conclusion: To sum it up, have foods rich in complex carbohydrates + lean protein every 2-3 hours. So the wicked fat will barely reach your hips from your lips! Now you know the secret of how eating right & at the right time will give you a lean, well – toned body without any extra fat! Eat healthy! Stay healthy!!

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