Garlic – The curative food

Native to Asia, garlic is known for its medicinal and curative properties for over 6000 years. According to Hindu mythology when Devas and Asuras fought for nectar during churning of the ocean of milk (Samudramathan) in the other world, two Asuras were able to get access to nectar and had some quantity in their mouths in stealthy ways. Knowing the Asuras’ foul play the God cuffed the heads of those Asuras before they could swallow it and as a result nectar fell down on the earth from their mouths in drops which later grew as garlic; that is why the vegetable has such wonderful medicinal properties.  The story may or may not be true , but the it is very much true for the Garlic to have great medicinal properties. Lets see what makes garlic this special.

Nutritional value (100 g):

Energy: 149 kcal
Carbs: 33.06 g
Protein: 6.4 g
Fat: 0.5 g
Vitamin B6 : 1.235 mg (95 % of Daily Requirement)
Vitamin C: 31.2 mg (38 % )
Calcium: 181 mg (18 %)
Iron: 1.7 mg (13 %)

Medicinal and curative properties:

Garlic has been found to have anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties. In the study it has been seen that countries where garlic is used in higher amount because of tradition, prevalence of heart disease is very low. Plus it helps in curing some types of cancers like colon cancer & stomach cancer too.

Garlic also helps regulate blood sugar levels, regular and prolong use of garlic reduces homocysteine levels in blood and shown to prevent complications of diabetes mellitus – type 2 diabetes.

As we know that B vitamins are very crucial in day to day activities , Garlic enhances the absorption of thiamine – vitamin B1. Meaning it helps in digestion too.

You will be surprise to know that garlic contains very high amount of vitamin C, so acts as anti oxidant and prevent aging,

How to choose best garlic?

It should be white and firm. The stronger the bulb, the fresh the garlic is. If the bulb or cloves feel soft, the garlic is aged and it is having less properties compared to fresh garlic.

Store in open container in dry place, and do not refrigerate unpeeled garlic.

How to consume?

When garlic is crushed, it yields compound Alicin, a sulphur containing agent, responsible for taste and smell of garlic. Alicin and many other compounds gets eliminated while garlic is cooked. So to it is best to use garlic as raw , and further let is sit for sometime after crushing to increase alicin content. Garlic also have other compounds like alliin, ajoene, polysulfides, enzymes, B vitamins, proteins, minerals, flavanoids, that has anti oxidant, anti microbial, and anti tumor promoting properties.

Just like the apple, consumption of this stinking rose will also keep doctor away!!

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