In the rat-race of the the fast life, we are all constantly running. we run for Success, Money, Fame, Knowledge and much more. Yet in the process, we are neglecting the most important factor… our health. We have super fast morning without proper breakfast, even crazier noons with unhealthy lunches in restorents and take-away fastfoods as dinners. Amongst this craziness, our stomach stays hungry most the times and at other times it is overfull. As the energy powerhouse for our day to day running, our body asks for nurture and we provide it the most unhealthy fried snacks or endless cups of Tea & coffee.

Doesn’t it seem ironical that after all this torture, we expect our body to be healthy and fit?

A Human body requires variety of nutrients to lead healthy and active life, consumption of which depends upon our diet on daily basis. To ensure you get all the required nutrients, you need to have balanced meals. This website is all about health, nutrition and fitness. We are here to share our stories and secrets to a healthier lifestyle and oh so tasty food. We have tried blending nutrition science and art of cooking.

How we differ from other recipe websites is the way we give equal importance to taste and nutrition. The recipes are not only attractive and palatable but also affordable and healthy. With each recipe, nutritional values are included that would help you plan balanced meals on daily basis.

Remember, big differences in life always start with small changes!

Meet the Authors


Ami Paneri Upadhyay

She is a prospective research fellow by profession and a fitness freak by nature. She has been a victim of “Fad diets” but now she studies food habits and leads a healthier lifestyle. Read More >>


Ekta Paneri-Gupta

She is a Creative Freelancer by profession and newly-wed surviving in Mumbai. After being diagnosed with PCO, she is on her way to change unhealthy food habits with the support of her husband & family.




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