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Hello Everyone!!

I am Ami Paneri Upadhyay, a research fellow by profession and a fitness freak by nature. Also a victim of “Fad diets”, “loose 5 kgs immediately” kinda marketing gimmicks like most of the people. We fall for it, because by human nature we always want to have result quick and easy. But as our ancestors have said at time and again, ” If there’s no pain, there’s no gain. ” Meaning every result have to have hard work associated with it, and vice versa.

let me share my experience with you..

Few years back (almost 4 years) when I was studying, there were no fitness or weight issues. Now analyzing the circumstances, I conclude that there were many reasons behind the health and fitness.

  • I was not emotionally attached with anyone, which resulted into having less stress in life. It also meant no cortisol creation, no fat storage and no water retention. (Yes, stress is the main culprit in our life for all our health issues.)
  • I was always a scholar while studying, was working hard, thus having no extra time to kill, means not going to fast food joints frequently.
  • I was pampered by a wonderful mom at home, who always took care to pack the freshly prepared lunch day in – day out.
  • I was staying in far less polluted city unlike Mumbai. I was in Gandhinagar – the greenest capital of Asia. Most of the vegetables/grains we used to prepare our meals with, are locally grown.
  • Above all, I was satisfied and in a relatively calm state of mind.

That life was very much closer to an ideal life. But then things were about to take a turnaround!

I decided to join a corporate firm and got engaged around the same time. Everything started to change. Working as an IT consultant, in challenging first job, the pressure to perform was high. That resulted in irregular mealtimes, longer gaps between meals and a raise from a single small cup of tea to more than 5-6 cups of tea or coffee a day on an empty stomach! The easy availability of junk food had incremented the consumption of it. And altogather, I had lost that lean and shaped body.

Before I could realize, I had gained 10-12 kgs of weight, and I went from 58-60 kgs to 70-72 kgs.

Within 3 months of getting married, I had conceived. Now, I had double responsibility to take a good care of myself and the baby. I worked toward gaining weight that was considered healthy (as it is required for proper growth development of the baby). By the time I delivered , ( through a c- section ), I had reached the weight mark of 81 kgs.

I totally turned crazy then wanting to lose the weight immediately. So I joined gym after 3 months required post-pregnancy rest and tried each and every diet plan I came across, including “fruit diet”, “detox diet”, “rejuvenating diet”, “GM diet” and many other utterly rubbish things! I even tried taking help of machines too… the ones that claim to move the stubborn FAT beneath the skin by some weird vibrating pads and heating pads! At that time it seemed to work a bit as well but within few more months all the weight I had lost that way, came back! It also brought along dry and fussy hair, chipped nails, dull skin and other complaints.

I was hungry and irritated all the time for nothing seemed to work permanently! I realized that time that something was going wrong terribly with the way I had approached weight loss and better health! I applied my analytical mind to find the logical answers and started reading some good authentic books on health and nutrition. I also hired good personal trainer for exercise guidance and made my own diet plan, developing healthy eating habits.

As of now, I have started losing that weight … more precisely the over stored fat! The advantages are many…

  • Losing weight in slow and steady manner(already lost 7 kgs)
  • Feeling full and happy instead of hungry and irritated
  • Fitness improved, Steady Heart rate lowered to 65-68 instead of 80-85.
  • Energetic all the day instead of tired and exhausted.
  • Pink and soft nails instead of chipped one.
  • Long and lustrous hair instead of dry and falling hair.
  • From dull and patchy  to pink and glowing skin.

I have learned a lot from my experience, but the first and foremost thing is that Fitness is not a destination, it’s a journey.

Here in this site, I’m meaning to share my knowledge and experience with everyone who look forward to healthy living and tasty yet healthy food recipes.

Eat healthy, live healthy!

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