Baked paneer Koftas in Spinach Gravy

Very popular combination again, spinach and cottage cheese – paneer. This combination is a nutrient powerhouse, why?? Let me explain in detail, paneer a rich source of protein , calcium, Vit A & vit  B12. Spinach is the rich source of carotene from which our body makes vitamin A. Plus it is rich source of Iron, calcium and fibers. So many nutrients in one dish,, have it with paratha and it will fulfil 2/3 of your daily quota of nutrients.

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Gujarati kadhi

Kadhi or curry has important place in the Guajarati cuisine generally it’s the part of main course in dinner. In some areas of Gujarat there is a fix menu for evening as Kadhi and khichdi. Kadhi is very light to digest, with ample amount of calcium and protein.

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Chatpata Paneer Frankie

Its everyday’s question, what can be made instantly, which should also be tasty and healthy. here I’m giving you  something which can be made very easily, which require very less ingredients, still full of nutrition and its perfect for lunch box. Also it’s a perfect combination of carbs and lean protein which makes you full for longer time.

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Thousand Island Coleslaw Sandwich

This is the modified version of traditional high calorie coleslaw sandwich without compromising the taste. It makes a balanced meal with goodness of fresh vegetables and gives advantage of fibers since whole wheat or multigrain bread is used.

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