Onion Tomato spicy salad

Salad is the one that helps to fulfil your daily quota of fresh vegetables, by that way your daily quota of vitamins and minerals too. Salad should always be accompanying a meal, not by meal itself. since it does not qualify to fulfil the quota of macro nutrients say carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and without them micro nutrients aka vitamins and minerals cant do their job properly. So have your salad but along with your roti/dal/rice/ curds. Onions are known for their anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal properties and tomatoes are excellent source of anti oxidant lycopen which is very good for glowing skin. lemon juice not just adds the tang but also vitamin c. So have this tangy –  spicy salad with paratha/dal/ rice and enjoy the goodness of vegetables.

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Tomato Masala Rice

Rice is one of the most versatile food. Available in almost everywhere on the earth. It is not just  very light for digestion but very good source of vitamin B1 – Thiamine too.  We have so many misconception prevailing about rice. Be it for Diabetes or for weight gain. Culprit is us for over processing the rice and/or consume it at wrong times.  Rice while extra polished to make it whiter and shinier will definitely lost its nutrients and fiber, plus while cooking we wash it 4-5 times and discard the water in which they are cooked leaving the rice with almost no nutrient. The best way to have it is – have the single polished or hand polished rice and along with vegetables, this will not only give satiety but also nutrition.  You can use your left over rice to make very delicious medium spicy dish and that too very quick. Continue reading “Tomato Masala Rice”

Coriander and Mint chutney

want to add zest to your dish without adding much calories, then try this chutney, 1 tsp of it will add only 10 calories but will make the meal tangy with added anti oxidants, anti inflammatory enzymes, and many other nutrients. dilute it a little, add it to tomato onion mixed kurmura and have healthy bhel ready in minutes. this chutney can be stored in fridge for 2-3 day without discoloring. To preserve longer store in air tight container in deep freeze.

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Carrots & Peas Grilled Sandwich

While thinking of sandwich what combination comes to your mind other than potatoes?? This one is very unique yet tasty and healthy combination. Add a dash of mayonnaise , some tomato catchup, boiled peas and carrots , grill between brown bread and the yummy sandwich is ready to eat! Continue reading “Carrots & Peas Grilled Sandwich”