Rajasthani Gatta Subji

Rajasthani gatta subji is one of the few preparations which is rich in proteins. Made up from besan and tempered with ghee making this not only delicious but very nutritious too. Besan is good source of not only protein but minerals also , plus Ghee has fat known as CLA – conjugated linoleic Acid, which has property to mobilize the stored fat from the body and utilize for energy making it a fat burner. Don’t forget Ghee is the one who makes your brain work smoother, so add a dash of ghee over your meal and enjoy the goodness. Lets see how to make the authentic rajasthani Gatta .

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Black Eyed Peas

Like all the beans, black eyed peas or black eyed bean is also an excellent source of protein, along with that, it’s the good source of calcium, dietary fibers, and folate . Goodness of fiber staves off the hunger and helps weight management. Complex carbs of the bean assures the slow release of blood sugar hence help fight diabetes. Fibers of the bean help clean the intestine and reduce the risk of colon cancer. Continue reading “Black Eyed Peas”