Mung Dal Dry(microwave)

Don’t like dal in the liquid form?? Don’t worry, still you can enjoy the goodness of dals, try out this healthy recipe, and have the power of protein.
It is very easy to make, so Men out there – you can make it when wives are absent. students abroad, you can also enjoy tasty and nutritious food made easy.
Dal in the dry form goes well with the curries and rice / roti. You can make rolls  by stuffing this in the roti. Or just have it as it is , as I like it the way.

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Masala Samai Khichdi

Fasting is one most efficient way to detoxify body, but many times it fails, cause instead of taking lots of fruits and vegetables, or some light grains, people eat fried peanuts, fried potatoes and yams,  and thus gain fat instead of losing it. Contrary to popular belief that the foods to be ate in fast are bland and can not be spicy or tasty, lets make this masala khichdi, thats very light from calorie point of view and yet nutritious and tasty.

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Fenugreek leaves in curd gravy

In our childhood whenever we had stomach ache, mom used to make us gallop the powdered methi (fenugreek) seeds and within minutes the ache were vanish!!  Yes! Fenugreek plant is having medicinal values not only for gas trouble or stomach ache, but it is also used by lactating women to increase milk supply and it is also used as natural herbal medicine for diabetic people. This plant can be used for its leaves (as herb) and for its seeds (as spice). Today we will see one recipe from the fresh leaves. Combining the leaves with the curds reduces its bitter taste and curds will add the protein making it complete meal.

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Tindora bateta (ivy gourd with potato)

You might be surprise to know that the ivy gourd vegetable – ‘tindora’ or ‘tendli’ has medicinal value to cure diabetes. The juice of the roots and leaves is used in the treatment of diabetes. Lets see one more low calorie healthy and tasty vegetable dish , how to make in microwave.

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Gujarati kadhi

Kadhi or curry has important place in the Guajarati cuisine generally it’s the part of main course in dinner. In some areas of Gujarat there is a fix menu for evening as Kadhi and khichdi. Kadhi is very light to digest, with ample amount of calcium and protein.

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