Chatpata Paneer Frankie

Its everyday’s question, what can be made instantly, which should also be tasty and healthy. here I’m giving you  something which can be made very easily, which require very less ingredients, still full of nutrition and its perfect for lunch box. Also it’s a perfect combination of carbs and lean protein which makes you full for longer time.

Cooking time:5 mins
Preparation time: 5 mins


For paneer filling:
Paneer (cottage cheese):150 g
Finely chopped Onion: 2 tbsp
Tomato puree: 1 tbsp
Chat masala/amchoor powder: 1 tsp
Oil: 1 tsp
Salt: 1 tsp
Fresh coriander leaves: to garnish

For Frankie:
Whole wheat flour: 1 cup
Oil: 1 tsp


For Frankie:

  • Add the oil into the flour and with the help of little water, knead the flour.
  • Divide the flour into 4 portions.
  • Next with the help of lil flour, roll the chapatis and roast them one by one for very lil time.
  • This rotis can be stored in airtight container in deep freeze for 1 week.

For paneer filling:

  • Heat the oil in pan, and then add the chopped onion.
  • When onion turns translucent add tomato puree.
  • Then add salt, chat masala, and amchoor powder.
  • Stir for a minute so the sauce gets lil bit thick, now add paneer and mix well.
  • Stir till the gravy coats paneer.
  • Now off the heat and put paneer aside to get cool.

To prepare Frankie:

  • Now heat the griddle, and put one chapati on it.
  • Cook slightly on both the side.
  • Stuff the paneer filling in the center and tightly roll it.
  • Serve with green coriander chutney or tomato ketchup.

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