Coconut Chutney

Do you know coconut is not a fruit or nut, but actually its a seed, which contains one of the healthiest natural fat. The coconut contains MCT – medium chain triglyceride, which is considered to be very friendly for heart. Dosa or Idli are mainly carbohydrates and by eating them in combination of coconut chutney not just only adds the healthy fats to carbohydrates but also decrease the glycemic index of the dish – meaning it reduces the chances of food to turn into fat, so don’t neglect your coconut chutney while having dosa/ Idli.

Preparation time: 5-7 mins
Cooking time:  5 mins
Serves: 6


Fresh coconut: 1 cup shredded
Green chillies: 2-3
Roasted chana : 2 tbsp
Urad dal: 1 tsp
Curry leaves: 4 -5
Mustard seeds: ½ tsp
Oil: 1 tsp
Salt: as per required


  • Take coconut, roasted chana,  coarsely  chopped green chillies, and blend them together in a mixer using enough water just to blend them in a smooth paste.
  • Transfer into a bowl and add salt.
  • Heat the oil in a tempering vessel and add mustard seeds, when seeds start to crackle add urad dal, let it roast for a minute and add curry leaves.
  • Pour the tempering over the chutney.
  • Mix well and serve.

Nutritional Value: per portion

Energy: 115 cal
Carbs: 5.65 g
Protein: 2 g
Fat: 9 g

2 thoughts on “Coconut Chutney

  1. Suggest try variation with: 1) Add small quantity of Tamarind pulp or tamarind extract before Blending.
    2) Mint leaves either raw or lightly fired either with oil or dry may be added before blending – qty to suit taste. More of this will make this 'mint chutney' !!
    3) Try slightly burning the green chillies either directly on flame or fried on a pan either dry or with a dash of oil. Enjoy the flavor!
    4) Add coriander leaves raw or fried in a little oil before blending.
    Enjoy varieties and do not forget to add to the blend a piece of ginger before blending!!

    1. Thanks for comments!!

      you can always do variations as per your taste, here I have given the recipe for Authentic south indian chutney.!!

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